Communications Request Form

If you’re planning an event that you need added to the church calendar and promoted, you’re in the right place!

Fill out the information below to the best of your ability, if changes need to be made after submitting this form, it is your responsibility to communicate that with the appropriate person.

All requests MUST be made at least 45 days in advance to ensure all promotional steps can be taken. If your event is sooner than 45 days, be aware that not all promotional requests can be guaranteed.

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It is the responsibility of the Event Coordinator to secure childcare.
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If there is a cost to attend the event, what is it? And when is it due?
Why should people attend this event? What can people look forward to? What specifics need to be shared? Please provide as many details aspossible. Think along the lines of "fun, food, and fellowship"
Do you have any ideas or special requests for the design of promotional material?
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